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There are some of my pictures...

As you know, I am taking photos since I was 7th grade. Now I found some blog I can post my photographs on. I hope you’ll like them!



experiments with the camera and the very own face..

experiments with the camera and the very own face..



first of all: I am sorry that I haven’t reported about the last couple days of my trip. That was because when I came home, it was Malte’s Birthday and after that we had a very full week. But that is just talking. So let me tell you what I had done the last week.

I took a couple of rest days because it was either raining too hard to do anything or it was just too hot to get out an inch of your door. So Anne and I stayed home, took pictures and read. On friday night, Ingo and I got out bouldering for 2 hours after dinner. it was still pretty hot but we didn’t care. we just wanted to do something after those boring days. There, I bouldered a lot. On saturday, my Aunt, Uncle, Sister and I went outside to a tower again. Anne almost adopted a dog that was running around in the woods but his owner showed up shortly after, luckily. :) This day was a lot of fun. It’s gotten cold again and the routes were very nice. We climbed two one-pitch routes and after that, Anne, Ingo and I went to the summit of the tower in two pitches to enjoy the view. it was an amazingly beautiful view over the mountains. All those little craigs on top of all those mountains and the woods are surrounding each of them. Beautiful. We had to leave after rapping down fron the top of the tower, because Anne and I were going to a concert in the city and we had to get ready for the show. The concert was nothing like one would think two young girls would go to on a Saturday night. It was a classic concert with a trio from Germany. They also played a jazzy part that was composed by an American. Anne and I enjoyed the concert and the drinks during the break. :)

On Sunday, my grandparents, Anne and I went to a meeting that was providing information about the exchange to America for other students in the future. It was a lot of fun to meet the other students who went the same time I did and to talk to them about our year and our similar experience. The boy who sat next to me went to Utah to a town near Moab. I was very ecxited to hear that and we said that we could even fly in together if we come back to the States. After the meeting was over and every parent asked their question, we left town to get some nice dinner.

The Monday after was Malte’s birthday and we came home with the train to celebrate 5 years of happiness. The week was fine. Anne and I had to pick up each of our rooms. I still had to get my room back to normal after two chaotic young students lived in there for 10 days. (Those two people are Jasmine and I, but I am the chaotic person..) After everything was done and even the school stuff was ready to be packed in a book bag I was bored. Bored, because I didn’t have to do anything. I had time to email, to call people and to get all crazy about school. (Not in a good way!) Finally, Anne’s birthday and the weekend came. I got out in the Sächsische Schweiz with Anne, Katja, Malte, Jasper and 3 friends. Sadly, it rained as we got there so we decided to hike to the towers and look at nice things to climb if it doesn’t rain. After noon the rain finally stopped and we found two routes that were under a roof and didn’t get wet. My friends and I did those very nice but short routes in the Bielatal. Katja and the rest of the kids went home. It was a very nice day after all. This week has been as boring as the last one. Well, not as boring. I actually got myself up to go somewhere nice. On Monday I went to a movie with Anne. We saw Eclipse, the third movie of the twilight saga. They only played it in German and I was excited to hear the German voices to Bella and Edward. But as always they didn’t sound right. The movie though was very good. Tuesday was a day of failed going climbing on the gym. As we got there, the gym was closed and Anne and I went to Starbucks and I showed her around in the new KFC in Dresden. Today, the Wednesday of this week, Anne and I went to go climbing in the XXL gym. After going a lot of routes and even more bouldering we left the gym dried out and tired. But it was nice to climb a little and get tired.

 And now, I am listening to Dinosaur jr wearing my hat, Nancy gave me; remembering the good times in her truck and the good times in the house or at the cliff.

Next week, my family and I are going to the beach for one week. It Is going to be a great week. Well, it is getting late here in Germany. I will tell you more after the week on the beach.

I love you all. And miss the ones that I can’t see right now.





yes, I was indeed climbing up a wall in my back yard. :)




Wedensday: it was the night of decitions. Germany was playing against Spain in the semis. I was crazy about the game and I almost could not take watching it because I was so emational even before the game started. Well, watching the game was hard enough. As Spain scored against our Boys, I was on the ground - could not take watching any more. I left the tent in wich we watched and waited for it to be over. And yes, I cried when the game was over and so the worldcup for Germany. But my respect for the good game even tho they did not win. Sadly. I went to bed as soon as we got home.

Thursday:  it rained hard when I got up and it didn´t stop until after lunch. But that was no problem because I had time packing all my stuff for my trip to the Palatinate to go climbing on red sandstone in the sun. All in all, my Thursday really wasn’t that exciting. Some soccer in the back yard and playing with the boys after the rain stopped gave my day another nice touch. I was excited for my trip.

Friday: after getting up rediculously early Anne and I spent most parts of the day in a train on our way to West Germany. My Grandpa oicked us up at the train station and dropped us off at my aunts and uncles house. We ate Kuchen and drank coffee before we all walked over to my grandparents house. Over there we played a little in the back yard and grilled. After eating a lot of good food, we planned our climbing satturday. :)

Satturday: Ingo, my uncle, did not feel well and could not go climbing because of that. Anne, Babsi and I decided to go bouldering at the Kalmit. It was great getting out again but a little sad because Ingo couldn’t join us. Well, I got in some very nice moves and even got some stiff forearms after a while. Anne took very cool pictures of me and climbed some, too. It was a lot of fun climbing with Anne again.

Sunday, today: We had a slow morning with nice breakfast and getting ready for a day of climbing. We packed our packs and left the house aroung 10:30 to go to the Fladensteine. It rained over night and cooled down the temperatures for the day. But the rock was wet also. We warmed up on some easier routes and showed Anne how to rap down on an ATC. Later, Ingo and I climbed a nice classic crack. It was so nice and long, but really dirty. With all that rain the sand from the top got on the route and sat there in the holds I wanted to use. :) I did use them, I didn’t have another choice. As I got to the top, I had a beautiful view over the mountains and all the little craigs. I also put down my name in the “Gipfelbuch”, a book, that is on top of the tower where everybody writes in their name who gets up there. A really cool thing to do if you think about it. I was very excited, that I got to do this.

So, another hot day is over now. Dinner tasted even better after climbing a lot, but I missed the cheerwine a little.Tomorrow, we will be climbing again. See you then.





bittersweatness of two homes

And? How does it feel to be back in Germany?
Well, I didn't really leave Amerika.
What do you mean?
Since we have a KFC and a Starbucks new here, I would say, Dresden was americanised.



enjoying the sun

enjoying the sun



Rückblick in Bild und Wort

Dear world,

my year in the US of A is over now, but not over for me yet. I am not there anymore which is very sad, but I can still remember everything I did during my time with Nancy, Jeff and Phoebe. We had done so many things together and I have learned so much. Some think, that the only thing I learned is the language, but that is by far not it. I learned to be in another family, a new environment with new people, new food, new smells and sounds, I learned to be myself and that it doesn’t matter where I am, I am myself. It has been wonderful talking to so many interserting people around the country and getting to know some of Jasmines but more of Nancys and Jeffs friends. I also learned to love the nature in another way. With rock climbing I started to love the rock. With climbing I met new people and saw so many beautiful and amazing places such as the Red River Gorge, The New River Gorge, Ship Rock or Moores Wall. There are many others I went to and there are even more I still haven’t seen. My next destination witll be the western part of the States. But ;y time on the East Coast was great and I am thankful that I have had the cahnce and opportunity to do this.

If I had to pick a favorite place or day of my year in the US, I couldn’t tell you which one I would pick. There have been some not so great days exspecially when I was sick or other things went wrong, but most of the time was nice. As Isaid, I couldn’t have wished for more.


That was at the Red River Gorge and I did my secong trad lead in my life. :)


When we reached the day I had to leave, I told Nancy, that it still doesn’t feel real for me. It still just feels like a trip I take and I come home ( I consider Winston-Salem as my home, too) soon after. But I had to realize that I can’t go back the week after or some time soon. That was very hard for me and all of us. I had a very hard time saying goodbye to my new family in the States because we weren’t sure when I would come back so visit again. It was easier to leave Dresden a year ago, because I knew I was gonna go back. But I still don’t know when I get to see tha US and my family again.

Phoebe in Boston. I miss my little sister.

Now It feels very real to be home. More than I would have thought, because missed home in Dreden too. My first full day I spent in Dresden and I was very shocked. I wasn’t ready for the new culture shock in my own home town. I am still not fully home. I try to get the US experience on my walls, in my room and further in my mind, but it doesn’t really work. I will need some time to get my mind back to Dresden.

Well, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who made it possible that I could go to the US. Katja and Kai, thank you for letting me go and have this year and thank you for financial help and wonderful phone calls here and there. Anne, thank you for being a wonderful sister. Malte and Jasper, you know, I love you!

Jeff and Nancy, I loved it so mcuh to stay with you and your family. You took me to so many beautiful places and showed me around. Thank you for your patience with me and thank you sooooo much for having me. I miss you and I promise, I’ll come back!

Love you, guys!

see you soon



I’m just gonna take a minute

People, the last week has been a little crazy. But let’s begin with the weekend. It was beautiful, because the sun was out the whole time and Phoebe, Nancy and I enjoyed the nice summer days outside at our neighborhood pool. We also rode our bikes and played soft ball outside in the back yard of our house. I loved being outside with the two and enjoying our last couple of days until I have to go back home.

On Monday I took my French exam at RJR. It was fun, because the whole class finished a little early so we all watched Shrek 2 in french.

Same on Tuesday, English exam- and suddenly, I was done with school - for the whole summer, and for my whole year in the USA. At that point I think I started to understand that this really is the end of my year in the states. I was sad, leaving my friends from school and having to say goodbye to my friends, but I still had plans for the week. Three of m friends and I had planned to go get lunch and to go to the pool after. Sadly, only one of them showed up at school and that only to tell me that she couldn’t join us. Well, I was bummed and mad. Of course. Who wouldn’t be? Then I walked home to get lunch and to let my parents know that I wasn’t gonna go out with my friends. Because I didn’t really know what to do with my time (by the way, it is still Tuesday), I started packing. Yes, I started packing all my clothes and other belongings. It took me a while to get everything in its place, but I was done pretty quickly, at least with filling the first, but biggest!, bag.

On Wednesday, I didn’t have to go to school, but everybody else, including my friends and Phoebe. I packed a little more, I started throwing all my school stuff out and wrapping the presents for my family. Well, I got very sad over all this on Wednesday morning so I went on a bike ride to a store and back. It was great to get outside again. For about 16 miles and 50 minutes I didn’t think about anything but getting up those hills. After my adventurous ride through Winston-Salem and its streets I got back to my bags, because the earlier I finish packing, the more time I have to chill and hang out with the family. Nancy and I have been joking, that I am just visiting home and not “going back”. But I have to say, I miss Dresden, I miss watching soccer games, my bed and - of course - my family in Germany. But I also know that I am going to miss Nancy, Jeff, Phoebe and the two lovely dogs, the house, climbing trips with Jeff and Nancy, Alan, Kristie and even more friends.

Today, I’ve been pretty lazy. Other than a little cleaning in the kitchen, getting last things together and turning locks and books in at my school I didn’t do much. Tonight, Jeff, Phoebe and I will go to a Dash baseball game at downtown WS.

Tomorrow there will be a big dinner with family and friends to say goodbye to me…and to tell last stories. Nancy and i are going climbing for my last 4 days and then there is Wednesday again. I’ll fly home from Greensboro over Philadelphia, Frankfurt to Dresden in 23 hours. But about that later.

I’m going to enjoy my last days in the states (at least for 2010) and you will hear from me in a week.





Maike, we have a problem

I think I have a serious problem. When ever I talk english, I turn into a joking, not focused, american monster that just can not describe anything. And I think this american Me has some sort of ADD. But as soon as I switch to german, I don’t joke as bad anymore..and I , YES, I stay focused for a lot longer. :) and, yes, I talked to Jasmine on the phone. And it was wonderful :)

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